White roofs? Oh, yeah.

Atrios, the master of understatement, reminded us this morning that we could change everything with white roofs.

Back in the 70’s, when the ‘greenhouse effect’ was big news, some 12-year old kid somewhere in America came up with the idea of painting all the black roofs white. Since white is reflective instead of absorptive, doing so would have an actual effect on the temperatures at ground level. Brilliant.

Atrios: “It would be good stimulus, good for climate change, good for energy costs, good for a whole bunch of stuff. I suppose that’s why it isn’t happening.”

Maybe the arabs always knew that. I’d like to show you this picture from Yemen, but it seems you need to go the NY Times to actually see it.  I wonder if they always did this or were listening to that 12-year old.

Would sure put a lot of people to work. And we could offer tax cuts and rebates, just like Carter did in the ’70’s when he got us to get energy audits and wrap our hot water heaters. It made a huge difference. (That was the beginning of the Energy Star system with appliances.)

I’m a big fan of anything that will cut our obsense energy use, especially on this 287th day of the ninth year of the war in Afghanistan.

6 responses to “White roofs? Oh, yeah.

  1. Forget the tax breaks, the government could just pay for the paint and hire out of work teens to do the job.


  2. White roofs. Huh. As the earth gets warmer, this idea will continue making more sense than it ever did before.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    I am not against conservation. I’m not even against people putting white roofs on their houses, if they want to. I’m sure it makes a lot of sense in Yemen.

    All of what you propose has value, but will not make up for decreasing domestic supplies of energy when there is an increasing population.


    I try to always answer anyone kind enough to converse with me , but on the ” Greenspan agrees with Democrats, End Bush tax cuts ” topic on the other board, my posts are being selectively deleted . Since I can’t be sure which will be deleted, I have chosen not to answer your last political points, even though I had counterpoints to make.


    • Alan, no single thing we do will solve our energy problems. But we need to do what we can wherever we can. Conservation is the easiest most efficient thing we can do.

      Thanks for letting me know and feel free to stop by here anytime.


  4. Ms. Holland,

    I think I’m a little too partisan to post a lot here. I love the argument. I will try to stop by from time to time, but probably Steve’s is a better forum for my kind of free speech.

    Thanks for putting up with me.


    • I think you’ve loved it over at Ben’s because, no matter what, you’ve had some good rip roaring back and forths – which it seems you like.

      Say hi to Steve anywya.


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