I will keep asking

Why is Luke Russert on my teevee?

6 responses to “I will keep asking

  1. The Center Square

    *LMAO* No kidding.

    I think the answer is: Every time you notice, or ask this question, his contract is extended by 10 minutes.


  2. I’m actually happy to know nepotism is thriving.


  3. He’s on Hardball now.. and loves it..


    • all of the NBC family worships at the kid’s feet. They think he walks on water because he doens’t say ‘like’ and end every sentence with a questioning tone. And they knew him growing up. Also.


  4. It’s good to see a “progressive” network not giving the opportunity to a young black male or woman. A young black latino male or woman. Nah they went the good old Republican way. The son of a famous white guy! Gotta love it!

    Hold on …MSNBC is telling me how the Tea Party is racist. Everyone at MSNBC loves black and latino folks and, at the least don’t think they can do a reporter’s job, or at the most just don’t like working around them. Shame.


    • My favorite at MSNB is Andrea Mitchell anchoring in the afternoon.

      The wife of Alan Greenspan, who was quite complicit in bringing us the worldwide economic collapse of 2008-2010 (so far) – she’s an objective anchor all right.


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