Here’s why

So Argentina has made gay marriage fully legal in the country. Well, good for them. Here’s a video Ed sent me – says it all really.

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  1. What an amazing video. It just proves once again that homophobics simply don’t understand the lives of gay people, and the love they have for each other. It’s no great mystery…love is love. The love that a straight man has for his wife is the same love a gay man has for his companion. No love is better than another, and no one has the right to say that the love these two men share, and have shared for 6 decades, is an evil thing and is not valid. I’m waiting for the day when all homosexuals in this country receive this same basic right.


    • Echo (or Sleepy?) – I’m optimistic. It’s taken/is taking a shameful amount of time, but we’ll get there. I look at friends of mine who are approaching thier 30th, 40th and even 50th anniversaries and I hope they get to marry before they leave this earth.

      Of my seven neices and nephews, adults all, not one of them nor their spouses ‘gets’ the homophobia – to them, it’s just not an issue.


  2. This is an older post but I like it at the very first blog I ever read.


    • Good post – and the writer makes the same point that – in this country anyway – it ends in the next generation . But that’s no reason to stop standing up for what’s right! Right?


  3. Well, Moe, as you probably would have guessed, I’m abosutely and totally AGAINST Gay Marriage. And here is why: The Seperation of Church and State should prevent the Gov. from sticking their nose in the Church’s Business. Marriage is historically RELIGIOUS(Judeo-Christian Origins). No, I think Marriage is unlawful regardless of gay or straight. Each Church, gay or straight, could have their own little ceremony and call it marriage. And straight churches, and vice-versa, don’t have to recognize the other.


    • First off TT, marriage is not historically religious. It began as a social / economic contract. Requiring civil unions for EVERYONE is how it should be done and the only way to keep church out of the business of hte state.

      Right now, marriages performed by clergy are considered legal civil marriages. We need to end that, make civil unions the only legally binding way. Then if people want to partake of their religion’s marriage ceremony to bless the union, fine.

      Today’s push for legisltation is to correct a civil rights violation – the state right now prohibits people from forming civil unions. And that is not right.


      • Which means we pretty much agree! Just said it two ways – I’d emphasize the requirement for everyone to have a civil union, which we seem to agree about.


  4. Oh, I forgot to add. CIVIL UNIONS across the board. Unless the union is peformed by a church. Then it’s Marriage. Gay or Straight.


  5. What a lovely post about Bob and Henry. I’m quite happy for them but also pleased to hear that they’ve been treated well. Finally, they’re able to celebrate a civil right.


  6. Not so good, Moe. I think the problem is me. I don’t use a PC. My only two internet sources are my Notebook and of course my phone. I may have to shell out on a PC, but it seems like such a waste, ’cause I’m on the go so much. Then again, maybe I’m overlooking something…


  7. Maybe I’ll try that… But is probably me. You know that rectangular window box that appears that the top of the Computer Screen when logged in and on wordpress? Well it might as well be written in gaelic ’cause I couldn’t be more confused. Way more sophisticated than “my space”. I will probably open a page using another system, even though WP is without a doubt the best.


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