It always happens

An old six year projection from CNN

Obama is turning grey. Of course he’s at an age when aging becomes visible. Our last two presidents entered office already having grey hair (although Clinton went from grey to white), so we haven’t seen this in a while.

The TV is on and he’s congratulating the congress on passing the financial reform bill.

He looks good grey. And it’s a comfort to those of us who aren’t crazy about having presidents younger than ourselves.

10 responses to “It always happens

  1. But next he may actually turn back to green….


  2. Ms. Holland,

    I really think Obama should retire in 2012, while he still has some youthful attributes. He proved his point, America is no longer racist. America elected him, now it’s time to go before more goes wrong.

    Being in the Ex-President’s club has it’s perks. More opportunities to make big money. Ask Bill Clinton.


    • Alan – I’ll never forget when Reagan – right after his presidency, went to Japan and gave a speech for a cool million.

      Since then, they’ve all done it. (of course the Bush’s started with serious wealth, so they’ve not been as agressive. Ford and Nixon did pretty well on the talk circuit too. Carter did a lot of fundraising which mostly went into his Center. Johnson went to his ranch to hide, he was so devastated by his part in Vietnam.

      Clinton, as the youngest, and as a world-wide rock star, will do the best of all.

      Obama? Not predicting anything till we see who he’ll be running against. Probably Romney – if so, it’s two terms for Obama. We may have been ready for a black prez, but I don’t think we’re ready for a Mormon.


  3. Moe, Alan Scott is way off base-America is the most racist country in the world.(except for maybe Russia) Anyway, I have to concede that Obama will probably be gone in 2012, and I think Scott Brown would be the GOP’s best chance. Young, and goodlooking. And the Dems can’t very well go after his lack of experience after getting Obama elected with minimal experience. Yeah, when you think about the voter make-up, Brown would win, I have to admit.


  4. Well, think about this for just a minute. Obama’s strength among White voters was young people and women. Scott Brown can DEFINITELY woo the ladies, and he does have the type of enigmatic personality and youth that youngsters can identify with. The Independents love him, and he won’t even have to try for the white male and religious vote. So basically EVERYONE who voted for McCain would vote for him, PLUS he would seriously tap Obama’s other voters. If he can get the GOP behind him, he wins. Easy.


  5. Hey! Wait a minute! It just occured to me. Didn’t Schwartznegger pose naked? Yep, full frontal, sizable package showing(how vulgar) and everything for all the world to see. And he was elected Governor! And JFK and Clinton were sluts, and the people loved them. Don’t get me wrong, Moe, I think Obama needs all 8 years to clean up the mess that he inherited, but realistically, on a 2 party ticket, Brown would win by at least an average size State.


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