This is just exhausting

Here’s how to wind down on a summer night in Southwest Florida . . .

  • load dishwasher and turn it on
  • step out onto lanai, strip stark nekkid and slide into the pool
  • float
  • look at sky (and whatever stars manage to show themselves through the ambient light of 14 million people)
  • dry off just a bit, come inside wearing towel and slippers
  • pour a drink, sit down and settle in for the Daily Show.

11 responses to “This is just exhausting

  1. The Center Square

    I’m rather aroused.


  2. What kind of drink?


    • A wet one with lots of ice. And since I’ve read your bio Brian, I fear it would not suffice for you. My drinking days pretty much ended a long time ago.

      I have a theory that we’re each allowed a certain amount in a lifetime; some of us reach our quota way too soon.


    • I intend to go to the grave with a buzz!


      • I intend to give myself permission to return to my profligate and delightful ways once I figure I’m old enough that it won’t matter!

        First, an ice cold vodka martini straight up. That would be ceremonial. After that, a regular supply of Johnny Walker Black, decent red wines and plenty of cigarettes. Maybe some bourbon.

        I’ve told the young’uns in my family, that when my time comes they should prop me under a shade tree where there’s a breeze and no ants, surround me with the Johnny and the cigs and then just go away.


      • Swap the Johnny for a bottle of patron and we could have a party!


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