Unbloggiest evah!

Unbloggy happens. Attention turns elsewhere. Holiday mind set continues past holiday. Plus, I have a good book.

4 responses to “Unbloggiest evah!

  1. And it’s just too damn hot to come up with a new thread!


    • Actually just buried myself in a bunch of detective stories from the library. Half the time I get annoyed at the publishers who are scrimping on needed edits, but go on anyway cuz the story has grabbed me.

      A notable exception are the Stuart Kaminsky novels featuring his Russian detective Rosnikov(?) – they’re just as tight as a drum and show perfect craftsmanship.

      I just felt a need to pull back and mysteries sure help with that!


  2. Nice tip. I’ll add it to the list – and pull-back sounds nice.. Enjoy the books!


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