Too old to even be retro

But an iconic moment for this country – Kate Smith, introducing the radio audience to Irving Berlin’s God Bless America. He wrote it in the ’30’s, but it wasn’t widely heard until this performance. The video is a classic example of the WWII propaganda short (and catch the bit player toward the end!!)

4 responses to “Too old to even be retro

  1. Ms. Holland,

    The Phila. Flyers sometimes used that as their opening theme to start home games in the 1970s. During their Stanley Cup years it was their good luck charm, especially when she sang in person. Unfortunately I moved out of Philadelphia the year before they first won the cup.


    • Wow. Wondered if you’d ever make it over here Alan! You are, of course, welcome.

      I’m old enough to remember seeing her on TV all the time in the 50’s and early 60’s and usually audiences would not let her off that stage till she sang “God Bless America”.

      What a voice.


  2. I just wish they’d stop singing that damn song at the 7th inning stretch. If I want to pray for god’s blessings, I’ll go to church. If I’m at the ballpark, it’s a good bet that I want to see a ball game.


    • As a pinko commie secular humanist, I would request the same. 99% of the time.

      Kate Smith singing this song though, got so thoroughly into my psyche at a young age, that I must always allow it the exception. Plus – Irving Berlin.


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