He thinks he’s a presidential candidate

Andrew Sullivan’s Hewitt Award Nominee of the day:

Obama is detached from the American experience. He just doesn’t identify with the average American because of his own background. Indonesia and Hawaii. His view is from the viewpoint of academics and the halls of the Ivy league schools that he went to and it’s not a love of this country and an understanding of the basic values and wants and desires of its people,” – Rick Santorum.

And neither George Washington nor Thomas Jefferson were aristocrats. Also.

9 responses to “He thinks he’s a presidential candidate

  1. The Center Square

    Maybe Santorum is pining for the man of the people presidency of Jimmy Carter.


  2. Typical Texan

    Hmm… So people who go/went to Ivy league schools, OR are from the STATE of Hawaii, OR seek higher education (academics), are detached from the “american experience” and are not REAL americans? You’ve got to be kidding, right? Looks like our population just dropped several million, lol.


    • That anti-intellectual strain, the anti-elite strain – which was always silly – has been working for Republicans since Reagan.

      It’s now grown into an anti-expert strain. Someone more versed in a subject than the average person is apparetntly suspect.

      So to prove my bona fides as a real American, I will be sure to seek the doctor who graduated at the bottom of his class in Costa Rica next time I need medical attention.



      • Can’t have those damn eggheads ruining everything Moe. Y’all need a good ole country boy with common sense and a outdoorsy folkishness. It worked so well the last time…


      • The Center Square

        Moe: I hadn’t thought about it like that (anti-intellectual, anti-elite, anti-expert strain) before, but you’re right. I’m thinking back to the Bush administration assault on science, or the ongoing message that we can have expanding government and shrinking taxes with no consequences. Much of what government has foisted on the people for these past few decades can be acceptable only if we suspend all intellectual, critical thought.

        Why is that tactic so successful? How come we buy that crap? Seriously — what’s the matter with us?


        • There is – famously – an anti intellectural strain in America, but it has never taken hold of a major political party before. It was what used to be the ‘fringe’, but with Palin and others out there and the idiotic things they do – and the Republicans do not distance themselves, well . . .

          What’s the matter with us? I fear we just don’t care and we’ll eventually get what’s coming to us.

          We could almost say that about the Gulf spill – we don’t care enough to insist that our government do the rigfht thing (require more back up systems etc), so we have to live with the consequences.


          • The Center Square

            I’m kind of okay with some people not caring. Trying not to be guilty of elitism, but you know?

            It’s the people who DO care, and yet invest so little intellectual effort to understand what they are being told, who scare me. So easily bamboozled. Iraq was responsible for 9/11. Health care death panels. Nuclear energy is too risky. Taxes are high. Stuff like that.


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