More of this please

Exactly right.

from something called DemRapidResponse (part of DNC?).

16 responses to “More of this please

  1. Strong words by Hardball & Ed Show today.. The first talking about a party with just one goal: destroying the president at all cost – the other talking about flat-out class warfare.

    Both pointing out the mantra of money/party first, country/people whatever.


  2. Sounds like a good time for a civil war or a succession of sorts, the people not involved in the ass-hatery in the videos are welcome to join up here in Canada. 🙂


  3. The Center Square

    Exactly so. But why so little of this kind of communication from the Dems? Why do we not here this from the Democratic leadership on a regular basis? Why do they perpetually act as though this is a game to be played civilly? Why do they unilaterally disarm. They act like an American League team that sends its pitcher up to bat on principle.


  4. The Center Square

    You know, they didn’t used to be. LBJ, are you kidding me?! That guy would stuff your *_#(&s up your #%$^. Truman, Roosevelt — those guys kicked ass and took names later. Even Clinton knew when to put on the brass knuckles.

    Where did that spirit go? Its absence is exactly why Gore and Kerry were unelectable. Its presence is exactly why Bush was elected, and even re-elected after four years of abysmal governance. How come Democrats can’t figure that out?


    • It’s a question we have to keep asking ourselves. I think it’s one of the reasons that Rep Alan Grayson from Florida, a very crude guy, is nevertheless becoming very popular – becauese he takes no prisoners!


      • I thought of him as well! A good bully. And the line-up at MSNBC are hard-hitting lefties as well. This from Ed Schultz, and Ed Rendell Gov-PA giving full support was like “finally!!” straight in the f..king face of those a&(/&holes who f$%#d up everything – and keeps on going.


        • The Center Square

          The problem is, lefty talk on MSNBC is just irrelevant. Ed Schulz can rant all he wants, but so what? He’ll never convince anyone who doesn’t share his point of view already.

          The Democratic Party needs its OWN voice that can push the message through to the American people, especially the moderate sphere. “Markets are up $4 trillion (well, maybe $3 trillion by now); economy is growing; jobs are being created; housing markets kinda sorta stabilized; financial seizure has been unfrozen; etc.”

          Americans think we are heading in the wrong direction? They think that NOW? Are you kidding me? No! The Democrats need a voice who can deliver the message that “headed in the wrong direction” was the severe job losses in 2007-08. NOW we are headed in the RIGHT direction — creating jobs — just not nearly enough yet.

          Are they f’ing afraid of being criticized for claiming credit for progress while unemployment is still around 10%? Gimme a break. Wimps indeed.

          And why oh why oh why isn’t Obama that voice??????????? Awaken from thy stuport, Oh Great Orator of 2008. You cannot merely govern. You must lead, dammit.


  5. [The Democrats need a voice who can deliver the message that “headed in the wrong direction” was the severe job losses in 2007-08. NOW we are headed in the RIGHT direction — creating jobs — just not nearly enough yet.]

    I really think that hte national media (mostly TV) is very complicit in this problem. Their reporting is awful. They just jump on the titillating soundbite of the day and simply ignore the facts. It’s titillating if a senator says something clever about right/wrong direction poll numbers (either way) but don’t both bother to actually report on the poll or the numbers.

    And I agree TCS – Obama is not doing a good job of getting the word out. They’re all just way too polite.

    In the first weeks of his presidency he gave a few devastatingly honest answers to the press but that stopped!


    • The Center Square

      Moe, you have struck one of my raw nerves. There is one particular bit of media reporting that is used over and over that just galls me. I get agitated every time I hear it reported, or stated by a politician with the media giving it context.

      It is this whole “The President assured us that unemployment would crest at 8% if we passed the stimulus bill” thing. I know I’m preaching to the choir (it’s Cliche Day here in Chicago), but obviously the analysis presented was the the stimulus would cause the unemployment rate to crest at approximately 1.2 percentage points lower than it would without the bill. At the time, they saw that as 9.2% versus 8.0%. Okay, so the recession was much more severe than thought at the time, so the rate crested at 10.2% (I think) versus 11.4%. The stimulus bill still created and/or saved jobs in the short run, and there is NO credible economist out there who thinks otherwise. That’s what deficit spending does. Always does.

      (Of course I understand the cumulative effect of deficits and debt to reduce job creation. And that was a valid point in the pro/con debate over the stimulus bill, and is a most serious and valid policy concern going forward. But Mr and Ms Media Idiots, do NOT tell me that the stimulus bill failed to produce jobs. And do NOT let meritless, distorted assertions to that effect go unchallenged.)


      • TCS – I’m with you on that. They get a ‘script’ and just stick with it instead of bothering to examine the facts or the intent of hte speaker.

        Journalism by sound bite. Government by bumper sticker.


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