Cover your eyes

We keep hearing about transparency – I’ve never been clear about how deep into the political process one would have to go before achieving this transparency of which many speak.

Tonight though, while doing much more important things, I kept half an eye on CSpan II, where a conference committee (House and Senate Finance committees meeting together) was in session trying to nail down something they could call legislation.  The metaphor ‘making sausage’ doesn’t do justice to what I saw and heard.  I really think it’s better that we  stop looking and wait to see what comes out the other end.

It was painful to watch and so I stopped. The congress critters however went on because they had to. It’s their job.

As entertainment however, it was teh yuck.

UPDATE: Headline edited in acquiescence to the language known as English.

10 responses to “Cover your eyes

  1. And, in all their (read Republican + a dem) wisdom they decided people out of work for too long are no longer entitled to the safety net of unemployment insurance (which they paid for) because dontchaknow they’re probably malingering and like living on and trying to feed their families on the pitance the insurance provides…and, if I don’t have this wrong…it’s taxable as income. What’s wrong with this world!


  2. Was that with Barney running the show? I just couldn’t believe it. And I still can’t find any words to describe the whole thing…


  3. why do people intentionally misspell “the” as”teh”? Does it mean something else? Didn’t we have a word for it already”


    • ‘teh’ indeed has meaning. It’s a new usage (something we’ve talked about over the years, yes?).

      It’s used to satirically add a pretense of importance to a small concept or word. If you read blogs for a while (actually, just liberal blogs) you’ll see it in wide use.

      I think it began some years back when print and tv ‘journalists’ (the D.C. press corps only) were eternally calling for the establishment of a ‘bloggers’ ethics panel’. I suppose so that bloggers could attain the purity of professionalism found in thier clubby little world. They were pretentious about their own importance (still are in fact).

      ‘teh’ somehow emerged in response to that. The idea being that when a blogger uses the word, the blogger is saying ‘I’m pretending this is important, but you dear reader know it isn’t”

      Something like that anyway . . . hard to articulate.


  4. But aren’t you left speaking only to yourselves?


  5. 49 years since graduating from HS and I still am not “one of the cool kids”. Such is my lot.


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