A career at last. You betcha!

A brilliant new actress has exploded on TV screens across the nation. Or at least across Alaska. Cue the Emmy committee: Bristol is aboard!

UPDATE: It seems yet another method of embedding videos into WordPress blogs has been snatched away! If you’ve got patience, it’s here.


6 responses to “A career at last. You betcha!

  1. thank you for stopping by…
    love to see you around.


  2. Damn. Bristol appears to be morphing into something opportunistic, just like her mom. I guess that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


  3. There’s a word my friend . . . grifters!


  4. Whenever I see the name Bristol Palin, I am reminded of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. First, in the narration, we learn that brave Sir Robin had once nearly fought the vicious Chicken of Bristol. Second, one of the main players in Monty Python was Michael Palin. Third, I imagine Ms. Palin’s mother’s command of mathematics is as formidable as that of Arthur, King of the Britons in the same film.


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