I’m in awe

Atrios is brilliant. He hates the Afghan war as much as I do. And he really loathes Micahel O’Hanlon (like I do), he of the “I think this today – oh wait, it’s tomorrow – I don’t think that anymore” school of punditry.  Today Atrios catches O’Hanlon saying:

At this moment, as we enter into perhaps the most crucial six months of the entire war, I hope and pray that President Obama will decide we cannot afford to be without the leadership of such an amazing American.

The acerbic Atrios gets it entirely right, when he adds: “Eight and a half years later we’re starting “the most crucial six months?”

10 responses to “I’m in awe

  1. I agree with you most of the time; does that make me brilliant too – if only most of the time?


  2. Following the Most Crucial Six Months we’ll have the Most Crucified Six Months.. that will make it still another year.


  3. I guess the Afghanistan war has finally grown up – it’s now got it’s own official Crucial Six Months. How many of those did we go through in Iraq?


  4. I measure all my future accomplishments in Friemand units.


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