I will say no, I will say no, I will . . .

The novice retiree’s naiveté. Too many obligations. Not even enough time (see number 4 here) to take care of my personal business like food shopping, library stops etc.

Not so much unbloggy as unavailable. The short term committment wraps up very soon. The theatre is hosting an international festival (theatre companies coming from ALL continents except Antarctica!) and I committed myself heavily. The festival wraps up at the end of this week. Life should get back to normal then.

And between the oil spill and Gen. Stanley MacArthur, I look forward to reading and blogging a lot.

Do come back.

8 responses to “I will say no, I will say no, I will . . .

  1. Yes, retirement is the busiest time of life. Hope this doesn’t mean NO blog, just a hiatus. Have fun with the other commitments, there are after all 24 hours in a day…sleep is overrated.


    • Blog is going NOWHERE. I enjoy this too much – as soon as it slows down, I plan to spend lots more itme here. Thanks for giving a damn!


  2. The blogging is teh evilz Moe, be careful.. 🙂


  3. I resent your elitist spelling of “theater.” Also, I’m offended by you blatant continentism against our friends to the far South. If you have never seen a penguin troupe perform Othello, you have never seen Shakespeare.


  4. When a theatre chooses to spell it that way as, indeed most NYC theatres do and you are referring to one of them as “the theatre”, it just makes sense. In this case “the theatre” is Venice Theatre. BTW, “continentism” isn’t a word recognized by Merriam Webster. Could he/she mean “contention”?


    • Our new friend desertscope is 100% brilliant snark. She indeed meant to say ‘continentism’ as in ‘racism’, or discrimination against Antartica.


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