Gen. Stanley MacArthur

Per James Fallows at the Atlantic, Obama has a constitutional obligation to fire McCrystal. Article II,  Section 2 makes the President Commander in Chief. As such, he must act swiftly to

  1. stop disrepect for the chain of command.
  2. protect the security of the US against  public discord within that chain of command and public scorn for one’s own current government, and
  3. protect civilian oversight of the military.

McCrystal has to say bye-bye, but please please please Mr. President, require him to do so.

2 responses to “Gen. Stanley MacArthur

  1. Rumor has it resignation is delivered already. You read the article? Got a link here. Typical macho monkey stuff – but in front of a reporter? But the guy was with them a full month, must be some kind of breach of trust going on here…

    But now it’s too late of course..


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