Another disappointment

Obama? Where was the challenge? It’s not enough to say we need to get off fossil fuels – tell Americans they have to pitch in. Talk about how. Use some numbers. I am disappointed.

3 responses to “Another disappointment

  1. Numbers, schmumbers. Americans don’t want to pitch in. They want to keep their SUVs and not make any kind of sacrifice to their cushy lifestyles. The oil industry has had the Bush/Cheney duo of oil loving pals in its pocket for years now with deregulation and wink, wink, nod, nod to safety, and all of a sudden, this is Obama’s “Katrina”? Honestly, I don’t know what the hell everyone expects him to do about it, short of putting on a diving suit and going down to fix it himself. Why have we not heard Dick Cheney and his big mouth in all of this? It’s because he’s hiding out in an undisclosed location until it all blows over or Obama can take the fall for him. All these people who’ve been yowling about the government being “too big” are now yowling that it’s not big enough to help them when they need it.


    • It is indeed remarkable how quiet Cheny has been lately – haven’t seen his smirk anywhere!

      I for one expected Obama to grab paper towels and head to the Gulf on Day One.

      If mac (below) has linked to what I htink he’s linke to, it’s worth the visit.

      (Love the new pix)


  2. Jon Stewart on the speech. Clip.


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