Just wow.

Last night, my brother was here for dinner. He’s a professor of philosophy, and we were having an interesting discussion. He tossed out the idea that a logical conclusion of the Tea Party movement would be to define the current US Federal Government as the new ‘British’. Which could eventually – if kept up – lead to an overthrow.

Look what’s just appeared. Presented without further comment.

24 responses to “Just wow.

  1. The guy thinks some people are taking this ad “the wrong way”.


    Chris Matthews is on it in a few seconds…


    • Matthews is doing a special tomorrow night and if he does it right, I’ll be reminded why I like him in spite of his driving me nuts.


    • Just read the TPM story – of course he didn’t mean it. Of course.


      • Does he even know the tea tax was for foreign rulers?

        And thinking again, what doesn’t he mean in the ad?? It’s upfront voilent rebellion – no room for irony. He could just the same say “kill all of these or those folks” – and then say people are taking it wrong.

        Sigh… the founding fathers wanted freedom from Brittain, Independence – what does tea party wants? Kill the government? War lords? 2% income tax? Abondon all defence? Disband the Union?


        • it’s classic ‘eliminationist’ rhetoric. Make an enemy of the ‘other’, in this case the other ‘tribe’, i.e. people who bellieve in Federal Gov’t and of course all liberal-leftie-commie-pinko-faggot-feminazi’s.


          • You’re right – the us & them stuff.. But they’re fighting abstractions! Exactly what the FF would have hated.. And what Burke predicted would create hell in France after the revolution.

            I’m stomping my head on this – do they have some concept of “freedom” or “liberty” that will grow and become total paradise – if you just remove some governing principle? It’s like believing in Santa or Donald Duck – only waaaay more dangerous. And very vain and a bit sickening… feeding your own petty fantasies.. If you hate Government that much – move to Somalia or Afghanistan and enjoy your freedom there.


            • They think the TV sitcoms of the 1950’s are the real America. And they want it back dammit.


            • If you hate Government that much – move to Somalia or Afghanistan and enjoy your freedom there.

              It’s a touch off topic here, but this is my favorite Leftist meme. If you don’t like it, move to Somalia….

              To the Libertarian, and I’m not sure how much the average Tea Party guy/gal knows about this, the single most important roles of government are to ensure Personal Liberties, enforce Private Property and to uphold contracts entered into by two or more voluntary parties.

              It would seem that neither Somalia nor Afghanistan is even close to being able to ensure any of the above three roles of government.


              • The Preamble says:
                establish justice
                insure domestic tranquility
                provide for the common defense
                secure the blessings of liberty (not sure that means ‘personal liberties’ per se)

                I don’t see enforce private property, although it may be in the Articles. To me, the Preamble always defined exactly who we are and why we chose this form of government.

                I’ve never heard that Afghanistan/Somalia line before – and I thought I was on top of all leftist memes!


                • Oh my God – look what I left out!!!!

                  “promote the general welfare”
                  (that’s my favorite . . . )


                • “promote the general welfare”
                  (that’s my favorite . . . )

                  Please PLEASE don’t tell me you think that means we should increase the modern definition of the “Welfare State”.


                • It means exactly what it says… “general welfare” the overall welbeing….

                  Please PLEASE don’t tell us you think, like most other conservatives, that your ideaological ilk alone has been passed the secret from generation to generation of exactly what the framers meant by that.


                • No, that’s not what I take it to mean pino! I take it to mean the public good, and care of the ‘commons’.


  2. Ahhh yes. As we all know, the founding fathers were firmly in the corner of the far right. In fact, they foresaw the future and intentionally set things in favor of today’s right wing.
    You know, a part of me, a cynical little mean spirited part that I try to cozen with ice cream, actaully wants these whackos to win in November, because I think that is what it will take to wake up the fence sitters. Let them have a taste of what these people want.


    • The Center Square

      Okay, I hang my head in shame and say: I sort of feel that way myself. Let them govern. You know… for just a little while. As Pres. Obama can tell you — it takes talent to campaign; it takes consensus to govern.


  3. “They think the TV sitcoms of the 1950′s are the real America.”
    They weren’t? “Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?”


  4. The Center Square

    I keep saying: This radical right fringe is the most anti-conservative movement in recent memory. Conservatives believe in social order and stability and the rule of law. Not this guy. Not these guys.


    • That was one of the points my brother made during our conversation – that there is barely a sign of conservatism out there. It’s the rabble and they think cuz they liked Reagan that makes them conservative (and he wasn’t either)


  5. Shorter Rick Barber:
    “Our elected representatives are taxing us without representation. We should kill someone.”

    Or even shorter Rick Barber:
    “I am revolting.”


  6. Wow, this guy is insane. Not just regular insane, but the frothing nutbag loony-toon type that captains the SS Batshite merrily (toot-toot!) over any semblance of rationality.

    And I was getting all bent out of shape from our PM spending 2 million dollars on a fake lake.

    I think I will stick with the fake lake debacle and count my blessings.


    • You know Arb, it’s not just that the guy is loony-tunes; he has absolutely no idea of what this country was, is or strives to be. He wants the Wild West, the one occuppied by Bat Masterson or John Wayne. Where wimmin’ knew thar place dammit and the bad guy always took a bullet on Main Street at high noon.


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