Here we go again

I think Obama is getting terrible advice.  He’s apparently scheduled a meeting with Hayward, the CEO of BP. Why in the world should a Head of State sit down with a disgraced CEO?? It’s as if George Bush invited Ken Lay in to chat. And worse, I just heard that the meeting will be in the Oval Office.

Mr. President, if you must meet with this guy fer god’s sake, do NOT invite him into the Oval Office. Meet the guy in a conference room down the hall or something. I don’t want to see Hayward sitting on the couches.

(This thing looks to be a PR move and if so, it’s 10 days too late. And not the first time that Obama has bowed to media pressure to do the wrong thing.)

11 responses to “Here we go again

  1. I’ve lost faith again… apart from the job congress has done – he’s a failure. I’m getting aggressive by the remote analysis, and his hiding behind understanding and compromise. Rahm, Gibbs, Ax, the young-and-brights, I’m not even sure they know what they’re doing anymore. And his “eternal optimism”, it doesn’t work that way (or hasn’t for 5.000 years of recorded history).

    But he seems like a really nice guy though, and waaaay better than the last one or the alternative in 08. But he’s still a pushover.


    • Pushover is a strong word, and yet I hear you. This oil spill – like 9/11 – has, so far, been a wasted opportunity to challenge the nation to fucking do better with energy!!!!!


      • I’ve been all wrong about airstrikes before – but I sense Bibi is sending over something really soon, he has nothing to lose. Better go down in flames. Headlines like “Israel was a mistake” is daily food in western press, and turkey, iran and russia cooking their heads. “Anti-Israel” and “anti-semmitism” are splitting up as different concepts, Iran soon has the bomb – and again a pushover US president.

        If the bombs fall, Barry will speak two days later (needing time to analyze and evaluate), asses the situation with cool – and go on to the golf court. I kid you not. What is “the theatre of war” in the context of human evolution and millions of years..


        • Did you read today that Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow Israel air space so they can get to Iran and destroy nuclear facilities?

          Saudi would love to get rid of some Shia, so why not.

          Theatre of War? The world, my friend, the world.


  2. Typical Texan

    Hey, Moe. Here’s some “optimism”. Remember hearing how Woodrow Wilson would meet regularly with Edgar Cayce? Now THAT is desperation. Until Obama drags Silvia Brown into his Office, I can still say, “It could be worse”. Maybe he’s not as lost as he could be…..


    • Hey Texan – always glad ot see you’re still around! Remember Nancy Reagan and her astrologer – she wouldn’t let Ronnie on a helicopter if the cards weren’t right!

      But yeah, we can always say it could be worse . . .


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