Okay. This is over the top

Apparently new video of the oil leak – high def video!! Wow! – has been turned over by BP under pressure from a congressional committee. I saw it on CNN an hour ago;  it provides much more specific information to scientists about the actual volume of the leak.

The CNN anchor (sorta pretty, long sexy hair, lottsa makeup) asked the ‘reporter person’ (male, standing in front of CNN’s ridiculous and newest on-screen graphic gadget) why it took so long to get this type of video. The ‘reporter’ solemnly explained that BP told him it was different than the live feed, because it had to be downloaded to CD on the ship and then transported to somewhere else. Which takes a lot of time. And then they both nodded, just as solemnly.

CNN – the most trusted name in news
CNN – the best political team on television

That’s what they said.

2 responses to “Okay. This is over the top

  1. You just gotta believe!


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