Presented without comment

Except for the emphasis (mine). Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

REAGAN’S LIBERAL LEGACY, CONT’D . . . . California Republicans will nominate their next gubernatorial candidate today, and by all indications, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman will have little trouble defeating state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. The L.A. Times’ George Skelton takes note of a candidate who would have fared poorly in the primary, had he run on his record.

As governor, Reagan was the biggest California spender of the last half century. Under him, state spending leaped 177%. And as president, he spent like the proverbial drunken sailor to expand the Navy and the nuclear missile arsenal while winning the Cold War. He left Washington with a then-record national debt.

His first year as governor, Reagan raised taxes equal to 30% of the state general fund, still a modern record. And as president, he increased taxes several times, although conservatives pretend to remember only the one big tax cut.

As governor, Reagan also helped create the nation’s first tailpipe emissions standards, signed an abortion-rights bill, and expanded Medi-Cal, the nation’s largest Medicaid program (socialized medicine). Immigration, not surprisingly, has been pretty important in this year’s gubernatorial primary, which also makes it worth mentioning that Reagan also backed an amnesty bill in 1986.

As Skelton put it, “Today, Reagan would be branded ‘just another liberal politician’ by the likes of Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner.”

Reagan biographer Lou Cannon conceded “Reagan would be hard pressed to get nominated today. Today he would not be in the conservative mainstream. He just simply would not be.”

Actually, today he’d be drawn and quartered and burned in effigy at Tea Party rallies.

2 responses to “Presented without comment

  1. The Center Square

    And thank God Nixon never went to China and bowed to Mao (

    Or that Kissinger never pressured Israel to cede land back to its Arab neighbors (

    Or that Ford never took it upon the federal government to intervene in the private markets in “Whip Inflation Now” campaign that Alan Greenspan called “unbelievably stupid” (

    *whew* Thank goodness.


  2. And it’s a damn good thing no President ever honored Memorial Day anywhere but Arlington. Recent ‘misses’ were Reagan and both Bushes. Our last three Republican presidents didn’t make it.

    “The critics were either ignorant of the facts or they failed to mention the 2007 Veterans Day ceremony when Vice President Dick Cheney spoke while President George W. Bush observed the holiday in Texas.

    “Vice President Dan Quayle laid the wreath at Arlington on Memorial Day, 1992. I recall covering President George H.W. Bush, a distinguished World War II vet, as he marked the holiday that year at his favorite vacation spot, Kennebunkport, Maine, where he spoke to a veterans group.

    “Back in 1983, a Defense Department official laid the Memorial Day wreath at Arlington when Ronald Reagan was at a G-7 Summit meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia.

    “This is far from a complete list, but presidents have been at places other than Arlington on Memorial Day. ”


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