The wrong start to summer

For no discernible reason, my printer simply stopped working this morning. I used it last night. I’ve never had a single problem with it. It’s two years old, so warranties are a memory. (PLUS I just spent real money on the large super saver ink cartridges).

So what’s up with that? It will not turn on. Every plug and cable has been examined, plugged and unplugged. The HP’ diagnosis tool has been exhausted.

It’s an HP Photsmart C4480 All-in-One  and I need it to work!


5 responses to “The wrong start to summer

  1. Did you have a power outage?


    • Nope – my br clock always goes to 12:00 whenever there’s an outage. Plus the pc and a few other things on same surge suppressor and they were all okay and as I left them last night. (Open emails and all).

      I already lost a new camera last month that I’m going to replace; I think I’ll just cart the damn thing into Office Depot


  2. Check OD and Best Buy and Staples websites as they frequently have sales that include $50 for a trade in.


  3. Been busy.First time I’ve read your posts for a week. However, Genes Best Buy has a printer in the closet. Would you like it?


  4. My printer has responded to prayer. It is a MIRACLE!

    (Susie – keep the printer ‘in inventory’ just in case!)


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