I’m thinking he missed the parade

From FoxNews uber-warrior Karl Rove on Memorial Day –  speaking to people watching Fox News, figuring that someone else would go out to the cemetary and plant those little flags.

Rove: I know that there’s some concern in the military that they don’t feel that he sort of gets it. There’s an emotional bond between any Commander in Chief and the military. There is a professional bond, there’s a Constitutional bond, but there’s also an emotional bond and this President sometimes I think that relationship is strained. I’m struck by how many people I see when I go through airports in military uniforms that come up to me and say “Please tell my former Commander in Chief I miss him”. And I appreciate the kind sentiments towards President Bush but it also disturbs me a little bit, but I get a sense that they don’t feel as they have a close relationship with the Commander in Chief as they used to have.

h/t Crooks and Liars

Those troops who come up to Karl? Bet they could tell him that today is the 236th day of the ninth year of that war in Afghanistan.

2 responses to “I’m thinking he missed the parade

  1. I saw Rove make this comment and was appalled. He has no shame and will go to any length to try tto undermine President Obama including outright lies. It is so irresponsible. Thank God this man is at Fox news and not in the White House! At least he isn’t able to start another war now.


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