Send him down there!

Why do I listen to Chris Matthews? Tonight, he’s got his own solution to the Gulf oil leak. He suggested dropping an old aircraft carrier or something down on top of the blown well to crush it.  Exhibiting utter ignorance of  the laws of physics or  engineering, he plows ahead posing his solution in the form of a ‘why can’t we’ question to someone who did know his science. The guest tried to find a diplomatic way to respond – he said “that would be akin to the ‘drop a nuke’ solution.” Matthews was instantly offended – obviously because it was HIS idea and he is a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. Don’t they know that? Really.

8 responses to “Send him down there!

  1. It was a nice chat. And Chris backed off with a whimper – when he realized the 4-5 leaks instead of one scenario. And a few hundred thousand viewers learned a little bit about the difficulties of plugging the hole…
    But the beauty was the calm guest – taking it slow..


  2. Typical Texan

    You know Moe, I kind of like Matthews. Now I don’t always agree with him, but I find him to be a fair, soft spoken, intelligent host with kind eyes and a subtle wit. I admit that I didn’t catch that episode of Hardball, and although I know he said it, I still find it hard to believe that he could be so profoundly stupid. That’s the sort of nonsense that I’m accustomed to hear on Fox News.


    • Matthews is a complicated man. He talks faster than anyone on TV and I’m convinced it is becuase he’s so damn smart his mouth can’t keep up with his mind. He is sharp, sharp, sharp.

      Of all the people on cable, I think he knows the most about how Washington works – he was a chief of staff to a Speaker of hte House.

      But he sometimes – as I described yesterday – just goes off the deep end.

      And Texan, I kind of like him too. I’d love to have dinner with the guy.


  3. Chris had a good point in that show thought – to send in supertankers to suck up some of the oil. It might be very feeble, but it’s at least doing something.. and a visible effort..


  4. Maybe humans played with too big things this time. BP just keep themselves busy. Haven’t seen the numbers for the size of the well – but chances are it just have to dry out.


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