Money for nothing

Just realized that as this nation-at-war kicks off Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of summer . . . the Cost of War clock is about to turn to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS – perhaps before the weekend is out. That’s $1,000,000,000.00 $1,000,000,000,000.oo. One trillion dollars.

I wonder what we’d be fueling our homes and vehicles with if we’d spent a trillion dollars on R&D over the last decade, instead of . . . well, instead of what exactly?

What did we spend that trillion dollars on? Killing our own? Killing Iraqis and Afghans? Guns? Ammo? Helicopters that crashed? Making enemies? Hardening hatred?

We blew it. We wasted it. And we got nothing for it. Shame on us.

Now go have a beer and a burger and don’t worry, be happy.

3 responses to “Money for nothing

  1. It would be nice to conceive of a world in which the US actually the wealth of its economy in benefit of the people of the US.

    One could see Universal Healthcare, strong anti-poverty measures and a more just and equitable society.

    It would be nice indeed…


    • Just watched an author on Book TV who’s written about Juarez and crime and borders etc. He described a Mexican state deconstructing with the Federal gov’t losing control of vast areas of hte country.

      And I thought, wow, if that worsens and we end up with Pakistan on our southern border, what happens when the contagion reaches us – and then we infect you.

      It’s an ugly picture and it’s being enabled by our hideous War on Drugs.


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