Sure, we eat our own. Doesn’t everybody?

Headlines from that durn lib’rul media today:


  • Why This is Obama’s Katrina moment
  • Mr. President: Defend America
  • From Simon Johnson’s article, top of the page:  Treasury and White House let us down repeatedly and completely in the last 18 months on financial sector issues
  • Andrew Cuomo runs against himself
  • Joe Biden jokes about Senate candidate’s Vietnam record scandal at Veteran’s barbeque
  • Joe Wilson redux? Obama sends troops to border to appease Republicans
  • Obama border plan resembles Bush’s
  • James Carville: Get Down Here! We’re about to die!

Just sayin . . .

2 responses to “Sure, we eat our own. Doesn’t everybody?

  1. It’s a worn-out comment, but still: the oil-spill is the fruits of small government. I wish someone could silence these people who cries for no government and complaining they don’t do enough at the same time. Human socities can do better than that.


    • Atrios today said he wasn’t feelling so hopey changey. I know what he means. Sometimes we do such stupid things, constantly shooting ourselves in the foot – don’t despair actually, but hang my head anyway.


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