And they think they can govern

The Republican National Committee is developing a platform. Isn’t that nice? Except they don’t know what to put in it. So they opened a kewl new website – all interactive and stuff – and invited real Republicans to write ideas of what the party should stand for. And then the readers could vote! Isn’t that just the most civic minded thing you just ever evah heard of??? Like, isn’t it just dreamy? Oh, and they named “America Speaking Out” – absolute cutting edge stuff.

So I went over. And I signed up for an account (activation email went into my junk email which is I think an omen). And just now I started to play and vote on stuff. And got an immediate busy signal. Tried again – more ‘sorry’ messages. More ‘so many Americans are using this site right now . . . “.

The actual message reads:

A very high volume of Americans are speaking out right now.  Please wait a moment and try again.

Idiots. They can’t even run a website. They were ready to elect an old man with cancer and a half term governor beauty queen to the White House and they can’t run a website. And they want to govern me. I’m tired.

6 responses to “And they think they can govern

  1. Ah, what a great post!!
    I’m all smiles – going to work 🙂

    Btw. maybe Eric Cantor wants a “holistic evaluation approach” to this issue as well.


  2. Moe, it saddens me to read some of the things here at times. I know you’re intelligent. You’re leaps and bounds above most of those that lean slightly to the left. But when I read that you honestly believe ANYONE on the right wanted to elect John McCain I just have to shake my head. The Republican party literally threw the election by placing an unelectable moron as the candidate and then bringing Ms. Palin as the running mate. You get frustrated because of a website? I’ll tell you what frustrates me, is when I hear my left-leaning friends degrade and demean the intelligence and intellectual compacity of those that lean right and can’t even make a comment without being called a dumb-f#ck, etc. That kind of stuff makes me believe that all the Obama voters have the intelligence of the lady in the following audio clip:


    • She’s an ignorant misguided soul and we will agree that there are lots of those ‘out there’ – always have been. But once upon a time, they went about their business as best they could with no particular pretensions that their voice was important. Today, they are pandered to and their stupidity is amplified; and another idiot hears this and says ‘yeah, right on!’.

      But for our own sakes (and sanity) I think we need to keep talking to people with whom we disagree but respect – and just block out the crazies.

      Like I told you some time ago, I can’t listen to Olbermann or Maddow because they no longer add to the conversation as they did in the beginning.

      As a nation, we’re getting tribal and we need to resist that with everything we have.


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