Well, almost a trillion dollars. Isn’t that nice.

According to Politico, the Federal government is – once again – going to pretend to beef up enforcement at the Mexican border. I have seen this movie before. Today, Obama is asking Congress for $500,000,000 for the effort. That’s half a billion. We’re spending a friggin’ billion dollars a day on wars.

And by the way, we are just a few scant billions (two in fact) away from a grand total of A TRILLION DOLLARS spent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4 responses to “Well, almost a trillion dollars. Isn’t that nice.

  1. Way off topic – but I read Brooks column in the Times today, good work. We’ve been through some brief talks about Jefferson and Adams before – but what you make of Edmund Burke?

    Just ordered his “Refletions on the Revolution if France” from the library.. his attacks on abstractions has huge appeal.
    From Wiki:
    “a political doctrine founded upon abstractions such as liberty and the rights of man could be easily abused to justify tyranny”.
    Well put.
    A bit of Epicurus there also..


  2. Shoot! I just wrote a long reply and then clicked your wiki link – and lost it!!!! Damn it.

    Anyway, it comes down to me needing to do more reading. I’ve not gotten any deeper into the Enlightenment than biographies of the founders.

    By the way, I agree that Brooks column was terrific. Very thoughtful and inspires me – along with your query – to read some Burke.

    Perhaps I’ll order the same book and then we can chat . . . .


    • A reading circle!
      Great idea.
      And I think Burke is on to something.. romantics and wishful thinking could be very dangerous stuff.

      The book is from 1790, and the french revolution in 1789 quickly plunged into mass murder, Napoleon, tyranny and chaos all over Europe. Grand ideas on horrible scales. 700.000 men march on Moscow 1812, starvation and disaster, 695.000 dies.. horrible “visionary” projects from big “thinkers” and “strategists”..


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