Oil and water and Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach

Mr. Bouncy Bouncy is most put out with the nature of the President’s response to the Gulf spill. I think he wants Obama to grab some paper towels and head to Louisiana.

Now today, it’s looking more and more that the oil could get into the loop current and affect the east coast of Florida. And that’s where the always-on-a-diet one lives. That oil might even lap up on the private beach of Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach just as he’s planning his fourth marriage. That’s stressful. So maybe when Obama is done in Louisiana he  can scoot over to help with the mop up at Mr. Limbaugh’s place.

3 responses to “Oil and water and Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach

  1. But, but, sputter* sputter* I thought the douchey one thought we should do nothing and let the good old ocean heal itself? Din’t he say that? hmmm..


  2. The other day he blamed the environmentalists for the oil disaster (I won’t say “spill” because that makes it sound like it came out of a tanker and will eventually end on its own—which it won’t.) He said they “forced” the oil companies off the land and out into the ocean, so this is their fault. His mind certainly works in mysterious ways, don’t it?


  3. I sometimes dream that a brilliant writer/researcher would put all his vile words into a database where you could find in a second Rush contradicting Rush – by subject. Which he does all the time – respinning his rants as realities change – but his audience seems not to care.

    Wait for him to start claiming he didn’t say what he said. Maybe in a month.



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