Just screw ’em

Not all oil spills are equal. Commenter greenjay brings out attention to what happens when oil companies – Shell in particular – do the dirty in the Third World. What they do is they just move on. (Wonder how much Shell is paying in taxes these days?)

A damning reality from the Niger Delta:

Millions of locals have little choice but to eat contaminated fish and farm on heavily polluted land as a result of oil saturation. Life expectancy in the region has dropped to 43 years.

Of course that’s none of our concern. We have to keep fighting wars so we can drive down to WalMart for bottled water. And those wars we have to keep fighting? If we weren’t all over the Middle East to protect that dear oil, there probably would have been no 9-11 and we would never have gone to Afghanistan, where it is the 223rd day of the ninth year of the War there.

5 responses to “Just screw ’em

  1. Here in Canada, we treat our Natives near the huge tar sands facilities of Alberta just the same. Toxic chemicals give them cancer. Yet, we don’t care that much. I watched the documentary H2Oil latelty (about our nice tar sands). I had to leave before the end because I was too angry. All around me, I see apathy. The house is on fire and we’re still watching TV.


    • Sometimes when we stand far enough back, it’s not to hard to see the deep racism in Western culture. It comes from the colonial era and I celebrate how far we’ve come in many many ways, but it’s still there. And what you noted and what Shell is doing – it’s all about deciding it’s okay cuz they aren’t ‘one of us’.


  2. One day, I found out that the reason our French ancestors didn’t massacre the Natives like the English, Spanish and Portuguese is because of our Canadian winter. We needed the Natives to survive.


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