Good morning

The new pool is almost ready. There is a lot to learn yet about using all the equipment and maintaining the ‘right pH”. Last night I lay in bed listening to the running hose filling the pool for the first time.

And I worried; worried that the water might overflow while I slept; worried that the hose might twist itself as hoses do and drown the other areas of the lanai. Turning it off was not recommended since the water is untreated and still full of minerals – I was warned that standing water below the tiles could leaving a permanent line all around the inside of the pool. So I only turned it down – to a trickle.

Still I worried, waking every few hours to go have a look. Given the trickle, the change in water level wasn’t even discernable but the tossing and turning went on. I am a worrier.

But the sun came up! And the pool did not overflow! I turned the hose back to gush and just now have turned it OFF. The water level has reached the tiles and the body of the interior is safe from mineral stains.

My water is well water, drawn directly from the Florida Aquifer so water from the hose is untreated. The sulpher content is high; until the sunshine does its job – which it will in four to five hours –  the scent of sulpher will prevail. And until the first ‘shock treatment’ is applied, the water will continue to  look like well water, a little brown.

None of that has diminished my pleasure at seeing the pool there, imagining more pleasant summer days. And thinking about watching skies and stars from a quiet, safe place in the night.

Even as I think about Afghanistan, where it is the 218th day of the ninth year of the war.

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