Good morning*

Since I stopped my daily Afghanistan post,  I’m posting far less. And that is not good (for me!). So I’m going back to the morning routine and this blog again becomes the place to find out how far we are into this war – for all ten of you anyway. So . . .  today is the 216th day of the ninth year.

( Further, in spite of the headline* on this post, it is in fact no longer morning here in southwest Florida. But it’s my blog and I do what I want.

Yesterday, I saw all three of the parties to the Gulf oil leak (BP, Transoceanic, Halliburton) blame each other in front of a Congressional Committee. That was fun and the committee found it amusing too.

Last night I sat in on a meeting at my local civic association – a committee is forming to coordinate with the county and the State and to recruit local volunteers so we have a plan and can act the minute oil starts moving toward our beaches. At present, word is that the oil is constituting itself as tar, which is a bit easier to clean up, depending on the amount.

I wonder if those three guys would like to put on their Orvis ‘Wellies’  and designer baseball  hats and come down to give us a hand. We’ll supply the gloves and bags.

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