CNN can’t do this?

From Al Jazeera English, a clear explanation of what happened.  Simple explanations are apparently beyond the pay grade of our cable news channels.

9 responses to “CNN can’t do this?

  1. Wow, thanks!
    Informative and calm – my mind was really struggling there for a while.


    • It’s like when they go on air asking all sorts of questions about a current event – and assuming that asking the question on air suffices – or passes for ‘reporting’. Wolf Blitzer is the king of this one.

      But really, such a clear simple explanation – and it’s not just that our news anchors araen’t doing a good job explaining. It’s that they don’t know!


      • I’ve gone with Ratigan & Hardball for a few weeks – then back to sitroom, briefly. And it’s embarrasing, how they are just talking to each other. What do we care?
        No wonder Cnn is in a death spiral.

        And I love Cspan even more than before.


  2. indeed. This one video of Al Jazeera helped me understand the real problem. CNN, NPR News nothing made sense to me. Just arguments and who to blame and what not.


    • CSpan is the goods! PBS too and BBC aint’ bad. At least the ‘upper crust’ BBC we get here.

      And PBS launched a new and better version of thier News Hour a few months back.

      And Hardball is my personal bad-for-me addiction.


  3. Maybe all the cable news channels should do a little more reporting and a little less commentary.


  4. Off topic – but about media.

    Howie writes about Newsweek dying. The comments are all about good riddance and leftist main stream media. But as you wrote one time; if the free-market media really is leftist, what does that tell about the american people? And then again – how come Lupus News is bigger than Cnn, Msnbc and the others combined, if the mainstream is so left?

    The best comment was that Newsweek is dying because “liberals don’t read”.. ok.


    • [The best comment was that Newsweek is dying because “liberals don’t read”.. ok.]

      But, but, but, I thought we were the pointy headed elites?

      Thanks for remembering something that I need to remember often – people overwhelmingly choose to pay for media that’s perceived to be liberal. So either Americans ARE or the media ISN’T.


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