A terrible beauty

These pictures are from the Department of Energy, via Talking Points Memo. The Deep Water Horizon burning just before it sank into the Gulf.

12 responses to “A terrible beauty

  1. Your link doesn’t seem to work Moe. Yeah, great photos, but I doubt the families of the folks killed are too appreciative of them right about now. I’m kinda wondering why the feds never did this:



    • That’s an interesting story indeed. I wonder if it will make it into the discussions and media coverage that are – if Exxon Valdez is a guide – going to go on for years.

      I’m sure there’s more back story to this – who was supposed to have the fire boom on hand – the oil co or the feds? But whoever, sounds like that equipement should have been there and should be on hand for every deep water drill. There are thousands of rigs in the Gulf at present – wonder if any of them have the boom?

      By the way Steve, I choose the headline specifically to point out the death and destruction right along with the awe inspired by the pictures.

      Try link again:


  2. Thanks Moe. Yes the link in your reply worked. I’m not sure why the “these pictures” one didn’t.
    There’s alot to this catastrophy that being hidden and I know already that we’ll never find out what really happened. Obama ordered a media black-out over the possible North Korean torpedo attack on the rig.


    • [the possible North Korean torpedo attack on the rig]

      You’re knocking me out today Steve! The fake selective service thing over at Ben’s and now North Korea? Huh?


  3. Here’s one of a multitude of links regarding Mr. Obama’s selective service records:


    Hmmmm … it’s very odd that EVERY link, even to other bloggers that had posted the story about the meia has been blocked or isn’t available suddenly. Wierd!
    I did find this one finally:



    • OK Steve, I’ve been following these links and doing some reading at the sites. That Post&EMail doesn’t appear to be a legitimate journalistic entity! From the ‘about us’ page, the publishers bio says:

      “Mr. Charlton is a natural born American citizen and devout Christian, who founded The Post & Email as an act of faith in Christ Jesus.”

      Sorry, I’m fine with his being a devout Christian but if his ‘reporting’ is an act of faith, it’s not reporting. The entire site seems devoted to Obama. This one doesn’t even smell legit.

      As for the North Korea story, I read that too. It reads very credibly, although the site has a ‘conspiratorial’ feel to it. With the white type, black background and all the stars – hell, maybe the writer is just a Star Wars fan. But the story itself reads credibly. Problem is it’s not sourced or linked at all.

      Because I respect you, I’ll look further on that North Korea thing before I decide. Meanwhile, if you know this guy – tell him he’s a good writer.


      • I can see the point of your argument Moe. But I have to give The Post & Email writer due credit, in that the links given provide a great deal of legitimate information regarding the subject. Not to mention the statement Mr. Obama made to George Stephanopolis (sp?).

        I had checked into the North Korean thing and it is a fact concerning the ‘media black out’ ordered. But when I tried to recheck the thing a great many of the links weren’t any good anymore. I dunno, there has been way too much of that sort of thing going on.
        A couple weeks ago I had posted the Kenyan Parliament meeting minutes for 3/25/10 (a pdf) in which a speaker there made the comment about Obama’s birth in Kenya. The next day the entire days meeting minutes was scrubbed. The day before and after were still there but not that one. However, ol’ steve did save it to my computer and I still have it.


    • I’ve been reading around re this N Korea story – google brings up quite a few links – and I still cannot find any sourcing at any of the links running it. They’re picking it up from each other.

      One site that believes it:
      http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1367.htm (scroll down a little)
      carries the entire story – EUTimes didn’t print all of it. Apparently the point of this was to force Obama ot use a nuclear weapon to stop the oil leak and . . . well, just read it.

      A site that doesn’t believe it:
      adds some add’l info, and what grabbed my eye is this :

      “It sounds like the analysts at the Northern Fleet–assuming they actually produced the report–have been watching too many John Wayne movies. That stands to reason, we suppose, because the fleet doesn’t leave port much anymore.”


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