As for myself, I’m glad

That I decided to build a swimming pool this year. Very glad.

5 responses to “As for myself, I’m glad

  1. I’m very sorry about this. Yes, it’s good that you have a pool but I hadn’t seen this picture before and it is really sad.


    • Tammy – my heart is breaking for those people. Fishing is their primary industry and they already took a terrible hit with Katrina.


  2. And what about those of us who love shrimp cocktail? Christmas Eve just won’t be the same. KIDDING.


  3. Did you hear the clip of Rush last night in which he postulates that this things was done on purpose to affect climate legislation? And here I thought it was god’s doing cause he didn’t like those bottom feeding shell fish. You just never know, do you?


    • Ezra Klein (today in the Wash Post) asks “Is there literally nothing this man can say that will convince Republicans to disavow him? ”

      Well, we know the answer to that one. No.


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