Afghanistan R&R

Remake of a pop video from Telephone (group name? song title? Not a clue.) – here is the 21st Century version of  the WWII iconic troops-singing-and-dancing number Bloody Mary.

These guys warm my heart – stay till the chorus comes in! And be sure to give them kudos for being so upbeat on this 204th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

5 responses to “Afghanistan R&R

  1. this is so funny.

    Are they real soldiers and are they in Afghanistan? I don’t think so they will be aloud to do a video if they were in Afghanistan?


    • Umer, they are indeed in Afghanistan – probably on a US base. And as you know, these days you can make a video on a cell phone and email it home.

      I don’t think their senior officers would mind. If the soldiers get a chance to release some of their anxiety in a harmless way, that is a good thing and probably makes them better soldiers. It also helps to bind them to each other, which also makes them better soldiers.


    • Of course, they would NOT be allowed to make a video if they were outside on patrol or whatever. But this is indoors in their own barracks.


  2. well then its good that they are releasing their anxiety in a fun way.


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