Oil and water. And fire.

I noted in a post on Earth Day that forty years ago, before today’s environmental laws were enacted, we actually had a few lakes on fire in this country – something that hasn’t happened since.

In an unusual twist on that, the Coast Guard is about to set controlled fires in the Gulf of Mexico to try to burn up the oil spill which is now threatening very sensitive lands and fisheries in Louisiana.  At this point, the slick is within 20 miles of land.

I’ve never heard of this before. It’s fascinating. Listening to a discussion on PBS right now and it’s a very very delicate matter and the entire program, of which the burn is only a part, could take many many months.

UPDATE:  Just heard the slick is now three miles from land. Everyone – from the Coast Guard to the Army to BP and the other oil companies is getting involved to try to contain this – it’s far worse than originally reported, up to 5000 barrels a day now – not gallons, barrels! The wind direction is still keeping it from being a threat to Florida, but that could change.

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