How Arizona of them!

Suntanned women to be arrested under Islamic dress code


6 responses to “How Arizona of them!

  1. Kudos for the governor of Arizona. Now if only Rick Perry would grow some cods …


    • Honestly Steve – we need to fix immigration, but we don’t have to become Casablanca to do it.

      “May I see your papers please sir?”


      • Why not? Arizona has something like 930,000 immigrants in the state of which close to 500,000 are illegal. Don’t you think something should be done? I mean I’ve heard plenty of left-leaning folks, who want to prosecute Bush and his gang state “We’re a nation of laws”! but when enforcing the “law” hurts someones feelings, it’s “racist” and anti-American!
        Don’t take me wrong though. I think Bush and many others in his administration should be prosecuted, just not for some of the things people might think. Same with Clinton (Clintons), and multitudes of people in Congress. But I digress.
        Here’s access to the bill:
        Read it and point out the racism or unfairness in it. I don’t see any.


        • Steve: I said above “we need to fix immigration”. You and I do not disagree on that.

          The question of course is how . I sympathize with Arizona’s problem; it shouldn’t be their problem – the Feds should have been handling this for the last 30 years.

          But their new law is absolutely unAmerian and it’s an offense.

          We should right now be cracking down AT the borders. But as for the people already here, there’s only one workable option – find a fair way to integrate them. Whether it’s a penalty or withholding certain benefits (which I don’t like since it would enshrine an official underclass), we need to find a way to make them legal – not citizens, just legallly resident in the US – and turn them into tax payers.

          The problem we have is there’s no political will. In DC they cry all the time that they understand the problem but refuse to do anything serious about it.


          • I think it’s un-American to let those that break the law get away with it. I think it’s unfair for the millions of LEGAL immigrants that honored the system. You are quite correct in that this problem should have been fixed decades ago.
            I tell you this would be my compromise: Grant them all amnesty, provided they aren’t felons. Make it required to learn English and get work within 6 months. The stipulation of NO voting rights for 8 years so that the politicians can’t capitalize on the situation. The only losers are the politicians looking for votes.
            If that’s not fair enough, deport every one of them.


            • I like your solution. The voting rights thing wouldn’t be an issue, because we’re only talking about making these people legal residents. Not citizens. Of course, they could file applications if they wanted, but that takes years and they could get in line behind those who’ve already made application.

              And you know we can’t deport them. It’s just not logistically possible to deport 11million people. So we need to concentrate on what’s possible.


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