Dum-da-dum-dum. The countdown . . .

Cage is a comin’, cage is a comin’.  They’re building the new and larger cage in the front yard, and taking down the old rear screen wall in the back yard. Ten days or less?

4 responses to “Dum-da-dum-dum. The countdown . . .

  1. This is so exciting, even from afar. I can only imagine how excited you must be. I trust it will be finished when we get home on the 14th. Can’t wait to see the finished product.


    • It will absolutely be finished. And yesterday I made an arrangement with a big strong guy from the theatre to come as soon as it’s finished and together we will start turning the back yard into something that does not offend the eye.


  2. it looks wonderful
    would that young guy want to work on my year???


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