New rule

On October 7 of last year,  I posted this:


It is one a.m.  And it is one hour into the first day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

Accompanying it, and here again, was  a  picture of poppies. (Appropriate on two levels – ever since WWI, poppies have been the floral symbol of remembrance and poppies are the crop that keeps Afghanistan outside the world economy.)

And nearly every single day since then, I’ve noted the days counting up – yesterday was the 200th day of the ninth year. We should all be weeping. (But we are hardly noticing, which speaks ill of us as a people.)

My Afghanistan posts from now on will be intermittent (at least weekly is my intention), not because I too am turning away, but because it’s become a stale way to draw attention to the fact. If I can figure out how, I may put a counting device over to the right.

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