Catholic disgrace

I’m sure we’re all pretty versed in the disgraceful behavior of the Catholic Church hierarchy in the pedophile scandal. As horrendous as the actions of the involved priests were, they were criminal matters and should have been handled as such. The disgrace to me has been the Church’s own reaction: cover up by bishops, cover up by Vatican hierarchy, tolerance of the behavior. A good deal of the cover up was also criminal behavior, but no need to hold our breaths on that one.

As a woman, raised Catholic, who left its odd embrace in my late teens, I’ve always viewed it as a ‘woman hating’ institution. I still  feel that way.  Ironically, had they been able to get past that and abandon celibacy, I don’t believe this would ever have happened.

If priests were parents, if bishops were parents, this would never have been tolerated. It’s their very place outside the human experience that allowed such perversion of moral  judgement to thrive.

6 responses to “Catholic disgrace

  1. “tolerance of the behavior”
    You better have pretty good proof before you label a church that comprises over a billion people as tolerant of pedophilia. Thats absurd and you know it.
    Also, whats ur basis for thinking the church is women hating? And dont give the liberal grabble about how women cannot be priests. Maureen Dowds recent column should embarass all liberal women in my opinion.
    But, i dont completely agree with you that many of the churches policies are in direct opposition to common sense. I dont see the basis for why priest need to be celibate, as most realize the greatest mark a person can make on humanity is sharing love and raising a good family.


    • Mac

      I was raised CAtholic and spent 16 years in Catholic schools (even studied Latin!).

      My brother was a priest. Every other day – until we get through the entire issue – I read to my elderly blind father for about an hour. His primary interest for the last few years has been his Catholicism, so we read the National Catholic Reporter cover to cover.

      Here’s a link to a recent editorial (one of many) that you might find interesting. (Whoops, no link, their website is quite limited unless you enter your subscription info and that info is at my Dad’s house. )

      The Church has indeed been tolerant of pedophelia (although I think the focus on the Pope has been over the top) – what else do you call covering up instances and then allowing the perpetrators to do it again? By any definition, that is tolerance.

      As for women? I am one. I developed that observation in my teens and feel the same today. And it’s not because of the ordination issue, although that is an expression of what I’ve observed.


      • Moe,
        Sorry i meant i do agree with some of what you said.
        As for the intolerance towards women, here we should just agree to disagree as you view intolerance through a completely different prism than i.
        I just hope that you dont see it through the same one Dowd does.


        • Actually, Mac, I read that column when it was published. Let me first stipulate that I loathe Maureen Dowd and her utter cynicism, almost no matter what the subject.

          That said, though, this point of hers tracks true for me:
          “In the New Testament, Jesus is surrounded by strong women and never advocates that any woman — whether she’s his mother or a prostitute — be treated as a second-class citizen.”

          But I’ll bet you could have guessed that!




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