Moving right along

It seems Rep Bart Stupak has announced his retirement. (For the sake of my party, I hope to god he doesn’t go to work for an insurance company!) From the Atlantic Online just now:

“Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) plans to announce his retirement today, Democrats briefed on his decision said. Stupak, the leader of a pro-life faction within his party, had received death threats and was under intense political pressure after he agreed to support the Democratic health care reform legislation even though pro-life groups insisted that it would allow federal funds to be used for abortion.

Stupak negotiated a compromise with the White House, which resulted in President Obama’s issuing of an executive order clarifying the executive branch’s view of the subject. For that, Stupak was called a traitor to the pro-life cause. Stupak has represented Michigan’s first congressional district for 18 years. He will make public his decision at a press conference later today.”

I guess 18 years of stalwart adherence to a cause is not enough for these people. Do they understand that without political compromise we’d be in a permanent state of war? Can they not get around the fact that compromise is the only thing that keeps us functioning as a republic?  No. They do not.


6 responses to “Moving right along

  1. On some issues there is no room for compromise, Moe. There is also the issue that an Executive Order on these matters is immaterial and a false compromise since it actually doesn’t carry that much weight in this case.

    And then there’s the fact that the Liberals won’t support him either because he’s supposedly pro-life and stalled ObamaCare for a while.

    You can try to blame it on the Right, but the Left is the ones who’ve likely driven Stupak into retirement.


    • Hey jonolan, nice to see you back.

      I think Stupak’s problem was going to be his district. Per The Hill this morning:

      “Stupak’s district includes much of northern Michigan, including the state’s Upper Peninsula, a rural area that is seen as Republican-leaning. Republicans will hope to pick up the seat, though The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reports that Charlevoix County Commissioner Connie Saltonstall is the leading Democrat to fill Stupak’s spot in the race. . . . Obama won 50 percent of the presidential vote in Stupak’s district in 2008, compared to 48 percent for GOP candidate Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).”

      I’m sure when he made his deal with the Administration he was ‘promised’ some help in re-election.

      Liberals – except for the wingers – would have supported him against a GOP candidate. For liberals, abortion is usually not a deal breaker.

      But jonolan, when you say on some issues there is no room for compromise, I have to strongly disagree. Making a compromise never means backing off entirely or promising that you won’t come back to fight another day. It’s the gresase that moves the wheel this time, this minute.


      • Sometimes the wheel shouldn’t move then. There’s not always a real middle ground on an issue and other times the basic premise / methodology of legislation is just flat-out wrong and compromise won’t fix that. In other cases compromise actually makes it worse, especially in these days of “omnibus” bills with 100s of potentially interwoven amendments.

        But…Don’t mistake my statement of, “On some issues there is no room for compromise” as more sweeping than it was intended to be. Not all issues, probably not even most, fall into that category – at least as far as I’m concerned.


  2. Stupak was/is no more pro-life than any other Democrat. He hides under that guise knowing his real stance isn’t as popular as some would lead us to believe. The guy is a phoney and now he’s crying because his true colors finally came out. I’m wondering if you missed this:


    • Steve
      I disagree. He gave in to political pressure from his party.

      But after 18 years of solid, non compromising pro-life positions, saying he ‘sold out’ suggests he gave up his principles. I don’t think he did.

      I think that this time, for this bill, he weighed the benefits, including of course those to children and pregnant women who must be part of this discussion.


    • Steve
      I just watched the video. And it reaffirms what I said – the man was totally honest and said he wouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of hte good. What’s wrong with that?


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