Even better the second time around

Just came across today’s Gawker story on  Murdoch’s remarks at the National Press Club, which I noted earlier. But they’re Gawker – and they do it so well:

Murdoch wanted to talk about hating Google (because he is a cranky old man) and how the iPad will save newspapers (because he is a delusional old man), but the interviewer totally went there with a Fox News question. Murdoch insisted that Fox covers “both sides,” but he could not actually back that up with examples.

Asked to name a single Democrat-leaning Fox commentator – alongside such conservative names as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly – he struggled openly to remember one. “I wish I could tell you a couple of names. But they are certainly there,” he said. He eventually settled on the Fox host Greta van Susteren, whom he said was “close” to the Democratic party.

Greta! Greta van Susteren. Her father was a close friend of Joe McCarthy. Her husband is an advisor for Sarah Palin. Anyone who watches hershow or reads her hilarious blog) knows she totally wants to gay marry Sarah. (And Todd!)

Poor Rupert. Maybe he’s confused the Democratic party with the Church of Scientology?”

7 responses to “Even better the second time around

  1. I’m hesitant to heap scorn on FOX News, probably because I’ve almost never seen it in my lifetime, but also because all news networks have their biases.

    Sure, it’s rightwinged and can be subpar, but FOX still shouldn’t be the target of a witchhunt.


  2. It’s nice to hear someone say they won’t scorn something they don’t know anything about – that’s sadly quite rare, isn’t it? One always hears people railing against something of which they know nothing.

    If media outlets attract attacks on themselves, that’s only good for the outlet. The old saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity” is ever true.

    At present, MSNBC has been doing a good job of catching up to FOX as a dedicated partisan network, but they only started trying this a few years ago. FOX for a decade has been something we’d never before seen on TV. They created something entirely new – a network dedicated to anti-liberal activism. Not so much conservative as anti-liberal. They have celebrated anti-intellectualism and cynicism of the worst sort. They really lowered the bar by a mile. In a class by themselves. So far.

    But Mr. Murdoch has a storied and tragic history of buying media properties and making them less than they were. He bought the Wall St Journal last year – a tragedy for journalism. It’s been one of our treasures with some of the finest news reporting in the nation. That’s already changing. Murdock is vile.


  3. Typical Texan

    Fox is definitely biased, but so is MSNBC. CNN has AC 360, and Fox News has Geraldo. I challenge anyone to name just one single Conservative talk show host on MSNBC. I am not defending Fox, as all the regulars here know how I feel about their politics. However, I have all to often seen a certain middle aged, short blonde haired women with glasses speak negatively of the fact that Fox News is biased, but never complain about MSNBC. That is all. No offense.


    • Texan: I think that in my comment I put MSNBC on the same plane as FOX, just newer to the game.

      CNN is so boring I can’t watch it. They’re always first with yesterday’s story – a waste.

      When MSNBC brought Olbermann on air a few years ago, I was thrilled. Wow. A real liberal! But I had to stop watching because he was just a mirror image of his couterparts at FOX. Then Rachel Maddow was good, but she got altogether too condescending. I still watch Matthews for the sheet entertainment value.

      These days PBS, BBC, and CSpan are it for me in terms of getting any actual news.


  4. Typical Texan

    Actually, I did not get a chance to read your previous comment before posting my previous. My browser refreshed too late. You posted it while I was typing mine. Anyway, the BBC is definitely a good news source, in paticularly concerning foriegn entanglements. One of the bright points of the information age is that our governments cannot lie to us anymore-see Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiding pics from the American Public would never be possible today. And I am thankful that Zionist control is limited to the American Press only. Anyone who wants to grasp the true atrocites and crimes of Jewish Israel, don’t read our papers. America lies.


  5. You Americans should count yourselves lucky. Almost all of the media in Canada is owned by the Asper family via the Canwest corporation. While the news does give significant coverage and airtime to all main political factions in the country, the point of the matter is that we are still receiving essentially only one point of view.


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