It’s morning*

And there’s still ‘half-a-hole’ in my backyard. Anyone watching news these last few days knows that we had astonishing amounts of rain here in south Florida. The up side – and it’s a big ‘up’ – is that the rain took us right out of two years of drought. Of course it also made the ground quite wet. And so the big hole (shall I begin to call it the big dig?) has to take something of a back seat until the sun and drainage and evaporation do their jobs. And then, I shall have a hole that looks like this .

Doubles the pleasure

With this pool, I double the floor space of the lanai. Which makes the newly sized lanai almost the same square footage as the house itself! (A small house and a big lanai – works very well for me.)

The onset of this project seems to have diminished my obsession with events in the wider world, which I know very well is a temporary condition.

My sister saves The NY Times for me – they get it every day – and every four or five days, I catch up. And then there’s The Nation and The Atlantic and my lost-in-the-mail Harpers Magazine. From amongst these fine publications and the endless bounty of the interwebs (or is it intertubes Sen Stevens?), the material accumulates. (I do cut and save even from print media. I really must develop a filing system as the big pile – somewhat smaller than the big hole – is getting rather intimidating.

Not nearly as intimidating of course as the challenge in Afghanistan, where it is the 173rd day of the ninth year of the War.

*Called away before publishing. So, it’s actually afternoon. But, hey.

2 responses to “It’s morning*

  1. I’d avoid BIG DIG if I were you as it was cursed with construction delays, cost overruns, shoddy construction and ultimately the death of someone using it. Not good no matter how you look at it.


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