Someone check her I.D.!

Oh that Washington ‘press corps’. They’ve got  their panties all in a knot again, because (gasp!) ABC has hired Chrsitianne Amanpour to host their Sunday new show, This Week. (Seems this hire is messing with their heads. It’s delicious.)

Tom Shales is the TV critic for The Washington Post and he let go with a breathless column on the horror. Amanpour, one of the pre-eminent global reporters of our age, is not – repeat NOT – one of ‘them’. She is NOT in thrall to the DC cocktail circuit,  the dinner parties or the gossip that eternally percolates among the villagers of their precious press corps. She is not a villager.

Good for ABC. Maybe they can begin the process of restoring credibility to the Sunday morning news shows.

Krugman adds: “Um, maybe the idea is to do a bit less “inside-the-Beltway palaver”? You know, we’ve got a global economic crisis, a budding confrontation with China, a major row with Israel; maybe someone who’s knowledgeable about the world rather than the DC party circuit might be just the right choice”

Bob Somerby has been the definitive voice condemning their insularity – and he’s done it since 1997.

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