Well that was fast

There’s already a huge petition ad at the top of  The Drudge Report – the very large graphic says REPEAL IT NOW. Busy, busy, busy. (Reconciliation vote hasn’t even happened yet!)

I guess hope never dies. Even when you’re a Republican.

17 responses to “Well that was fast

  1. Heywood Jablome

    sour grapes. They can’t stand it. They impeached clinton, wasting tons of tax payer money in the process. They will stop at nothing and have no ethics in this regard, thinking the ends justify the means.


  2. I really don’t see why so many people are so excited about HC Reform. This bill falls so incredibly short of what we truly need. We don’t even get a public option. As far as I’m concerned, the same greedy people will still profit off of suffering. All this bill does is limit how far they can twist the knife. As someone who is dirt poor, living in a conservative State, this bill doesn’t mean squat to people like me. Maybe the Middle-Class, but not the poor. Until Health-Care is Government run, being totally paid for by tax-payers, then we haven’t won. Not by a long shot. And as for as the Republicans are concerned, they can go to hell. America is starting to wake up to the fact that GOP stands for, Greatly Obstructing the President. And the Dems couldn’t care less about the poor, either. Middle Class this, Middle Class that. A Nation is only as good as it’s poorest inhabitants. Democrats should quit focusing on the Middle Class, and start focusing on the Lower Class. And by doing so increase the Middle Class.


    • The big deal is that it got done. Flawed as hell, missing a gajllion pieces. But we got our foot in the door and that’s why it’s so huge.

      It established hte principal of universality in the law. If the Repubs don’t tear it down, we can build on this.

      And Heywood, every time I think they’ve taken their cynicism as far as it could possibly go, they surprise me.


      • This is what you have to look forward to as you expand social services. The entrenched elites will battle you every step of the way because it will mean less money for their interests and well being.

        It is nice to see the Republicans side firmly with the 1% of the wealthy population. Rich people need representation too after all.


        • Arb – they always have and they always will. It’s why progress is made in baby steps. My favorite charge by repulbicans over the last six months is that we’re ‘rushing this thing through’. What a hoot.

          Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama. Rushing that old health care right along over the last frackin’ hundred years!


  3. Or, Greatly Obstructing Progress. That’s what I should have said. 😛


  4. “Until Health-Care is Government run, being totally paid for by tax-payers, then we haven’t won.”
    Typical Texan, you can’t be serious! Name a program the government controls that hasn’t been bankrupted. The entire country is bankrupt. In just 16 months the government took control of 48% of privately owned industries. That my friend should be enough (though I seriously doubt it) to wake some people up to the big picture.
    Forget it, I just realized this is Moe’s page and I don’t need to hear a bunch of left-wing nonsense, and I mean NON sense about how good the “Flawed as hell” bill is.
    Oh, but then again, when your ancestors are apes, I can see where they’re coming from. I’ll give them my regards next time I visit the Ft. Worth Zoo.


  5. Just because this is Moe’s blog; what does that mean? She don’t mind. It’s no fun blogging with people who always agree with you, anyway. BTW, the reason why our Government programs are bankrupt, and aren’t working properly, is because certain Republicans are constantly rewardind the rich with far to many tax-cuts that would pay for them. You get what you pay for. Do I have to spell it out for you? Rich. White. Men. They control a staggering ammount of this Nation’s Wealth. Social Justice will never be possible und the evil “C” word, and I don’t mean Communism. All we are doing now is bleeding the working class, and that is not going to help. Until we go after the “Entitled Ones”, things are going to stay screwed up. And blaming a well-meaning, Socialist President whose hands are tied by the real people who run this Country, is unfair and a waste of time. And if Conservatives don’t believe that we are from Apes, then why is it that they treat people as such? It’s the Leftists concerned with everybody. 😉


    • It behooves you to support yourself and your family instead of waiting for a handout from the government. Those on the left, you included, attempt to make this about ‘caring for the poor’; when in reality you all just want something for nothing…or something that someone else has to pay for.
      And “Typical Texan” is not “typical” of the Texas I live in.
      The left is concerned only about getting something that’s not theirs, not earned by them. They are envious of the success of others. And as I listen to you more and more, you hide under the cloak of Christianity, yet you want to steal from those that are a bit more successful than perhaps you are. Just because you can spout off scriptures doesn’t make you what you claim. I can stand in my garage, that doesn’t make me a car. Your speech… in this case, your writtings, berays what you are.


  6. [The left is concerned only about getting something that’s not theirs, not earned by them. They are envious of the success of others. ]

    Steve – that’s nonsense and you know it. If liberals are lazy leeches who want everything handed to them, I guess that majority in the Senate and the House are lazy slugs who passed that bill by miracle? And how about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – lazy slugs all. Come on . . .


    • It’s no secret at all the methods to get the thing passed. And yeah, I think most of those in the Congress are lazy leeches, especially ones such as Dingell and Rangel just to name a couple life-long leeches.
      Oh, and I sincerely stand by my statement. It’s common knowledge liberals in general expect the government to provide everything for the public.


      • Just as common knowledge that all right wingers are prot0-fascists who want to strip women of their rights, discriminate against Negroes, Homosexuals and Hispanics and carry (but most have not read) a copy of the 2000 year old magic book purportedly filled with wisdom that is relevant to day. OH..and let us not forget climate deniers and evolution deniers, but strong believers in intelligent falling.

        So, if you want to go by common stereotypes, then by all means Steve.


        • Bwaha ha haaa!!!
          You got me Arbourist! And to think I can’t intellectually compete with someone whose ancestors are monkeys … I may as well end it all… 😦


          • If my ancestors were monkeys, then so were yours Steve.


          • I’m not the one making that claim Moe. It sure seems to be the claim of those that buy into the evolution theory. (key word: theory)
            Of course there is evolution … just not what Ar thinks … but I think it best not to even attempt to explain what I mean.
            Oh, and yeah, Obama was in a hurry for various reasons. Looking at your list going back decades just means that most American haven’t wanted it for that long.
            But like Dingell said, gaining control of the people takes a long time.


  7. [those that buy into the evolution theory. (key word: theory)]

    Science IS theory. All science. Once something is no longer theory it pretty much moves out of the realm of science. Science is ALL theory.

    The process of evolution is proven. It’s empirical. We see it all the time and I assume that’s what you mean when you acknolwdge there is evolution.

    Whether we specifically descend from ‘apes’ is not yet proven. So it’s not required you or anyone accept it. But the dismissal itself is interesting – I think it has to do with believing that humanity operates by laws different from the rest of the natural world. Is that it? Is it a sort of “in God’s image” thing?


  8. [those that buy into the evolution theory. (key word: theory)]

    Evolution is a very strong theory, you may as well not believe in gravity or a heliocentric version of the solar system.

    We share a common ancestor with chimpanzee’s as well as about 98% of their DNA.

    But the dismissal itself is interesting – I think it has to do with believing that humanity operates by laws different from the rest of the natural world.

    It is a integral part of the religious fairy tale that makes the deluded feel special and ‘loved’.

    There is no credible evidence for the biblical creation story. Rightly, rational people have discarded the mystical hand-waving and went with evidence based approach.


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