If I can only stay awake

A bug has taken up residence somewhere in my respiratory tract causing much coughing (nasty sound), an unwelcome and very distracting headache, and – thankfully – a proclivity to fall asleep. I’ve been indulging myself all day so far but as evening approaches here in the Eastern time zone, I must remain awake and watch this wonderful health care debate unfolding in the House.

All the congress critters are there; they’re all being very predictable and making the expected speeches. But – inch by inch – one notices something unfolding. It’s all theatre now which I shall enjoy in spite of knowing how it ends. At least how today’s episode ends. The final fat lady won’t be singing tonight. But even with the Senate vote to come, this is the important one.

An important vote. An important day. Also, the 163rd day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

One response to “If I can only stay awake

  1. You have to watch this live!
    And check out these photos, straight from inside the whitehouse as we speak!


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