Dear Congress, look beyond the cash please

It seems that David Frum, former speechwriter and confidant of George W. Bush, set out last week to poll the Tea Party marchers protesting in D.C.  He found the usual bumper sticker philosophy and confirmed that they aret protesting very different same things. So he decided to look only at the attitudes about taxes.

Bruce Bartlett at Forbes (link below) and Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly wrote about it this morning:

“Bruce Bartlett reported today on the survey’s results, and found that for an anti-tax group, “they don’t know much about taxes.”

But that's not what Rush said!

“Indeed, it appears much of the Tea Party crowd is simply clueless about the issues they claim to care the most about, wildly exaggerating federal tax rates, how much a median family pays in taxes, and what’s changed since President Obama took office.”

No surprise really. They take their information from Rush, Beck and pols like Monica Bachman. And of course, they check the facts with that Most Trusted Name in News, CNN. (I can’t seem to embed this video, but Jon Stewart absolutely skewered CNN’s ‘journalism’ late last year in what I think is one of his most devastating media take downs of all time. It’s here.)

I think the Dems in Congress fail to understand how significant the talk radio audience is. And it’s not just that people listen to conservative celebrities (laughing all the way to the bank) who deliberately ill-inform them; it’s that they are becoming activist because of the lies they’ve been told.

3 responses to “Dear Congress, look beyond the cash please

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Moe. I am almost ashamed to call myself an american. The ignorance, greed, and if I may be so bold, racism of the Right and their brain-dead followers, anger me to no end. These so called “patriots” couldn’t care less about the thousands who die every year because of pre-existing conditions. These greedy Insurance companies are raking in the blood money, and these idiots march in support of their own future demise. Now do you see what I mean when I say partisan media is harmful? Especially in the hands of Conservatives. And when Obama tried to warn Americans about the dangers of listening to such propaganda, they let him have it! When it gets to the point where people are being turned against people who are trying to help them, then something has to be done. But what could we do? They would cry, “See, the leftists are taking away your freedom!” The very people who want to take away the freedom of women, gays, and minorities, are yapping about freedom. (of the rich, that is!)


  2. What does this mean ” they aret protesting very different same things”? You kids with your new lingo!


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