Dinner’s not cheap you know!

Marco Rubio is set to take the GOP nomination in the Florida race for US Senate – and to take it away from Gov. Charlie Crist, once the presumptive gold medal winner. He’s a very conservative Miamian from the Cuban community, a very conservative bunch overall. The St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald have been taking a look at the money side of Rubio (the best place to start).

$228,000:  Amount raised  by Marco Rubio’s Floridians for Conservative Leadership committee
in 18 months from 2002-04

$89,000: Amount spent on consultants

$34,000: Undisclosed expenses

$4,000: Amount spent on candidate contributions

The full story is here.

8 responses to “Dinner’s not cheap you know!

  1. I think Todd Harris already explained it in the article. All of these guys spend. What Rubio has done is certainly not out of the ordinary for politicians. It was probably Crist who put the Times-Herald on Rubio to begin with. I’m sure Rubio’s spending habits are rather modest compared to some politicians. What a hypocricy this game is becoming… Florida is a very important State, and the Cuban vote could have secured that State for the Democrats for years to come. Instead, it’s been nothing but a thorn in the Democrat’s side. They’ve tried so many times, to no avail, to win them over. I think I read somewhere that the Cubans are still sore at Reno and the Clinton Administration for taking that boy at gun-point. That was screwed up, but they should grow up and get over it…


  2. [I think I read somewhere that the Cubans are still sore at Reno and the Clinton Administration for taking that boy at gun-point. ]

    Actually, the Cubans have been conservative Republicans ever since they began fleeing Castro in the 60’s. It was/is all about anti-communism.

    The ones who were all bent out of shape about returning the Gonzales kid to his Dad were really just a vocal minority.


  3. Wow, I had thought that they were still sore. Well, in any case, I think the fact that the Cubans associate Social Democrats with Communists is totally nuts. The Democratic Party is nothing like The Communist Party(and I would know). In my opinion, what the Cubans were running from wasn’t Communism, per-se (though they thought it was), but the Authoritarian practices of Castro’s regime. And the “Grand ole’ Party” most certainly fits that bill much more so than the The Democratic Party. The fact that so many minorities would be so naive as to trust a bunch of white males in suits is mindboggling, to say the least.


  4. No, you were clear. I just think it strange that a minority demographic would consistently vote for Republicans, who are a bunch of Old, old fashioned, racist white males. I know that the Cubans are Conservative. But I think that they are nuts to support a party that seeks to immigration from Latin America. Especially with them being latin american. That was the point I was trying to convey. That, and the fact that the same kind of fascism that they deplore in Castro’s regime, is a far more prevalent trait in the Party they support here in America (GOP), than in The Democratic Party. Maybe I was the one being unclear.


  5. Seeks to end immigration, that is. ^


  6. Also… Even though the Cubans are still mostly Conservative, didn’t Barack Obama, the first ‘minority’ president, win over some of the Cubans? I know that here in Texas, the Latinos are crazy about Obama. Just curious.


    • I think the younger generation of Cubans are moving away from the knee jerk anti-communism of their parents. Like all immigrants their attention is turning away from the country of their ancestors and toward the country of their birth.

      Latinos – Mexicans mostly – loved Obama. But they have very little in common with Cubans other than a language.


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