Another congressman doing his job

You’re doing it Rep. Grayson, you’re speaking  truth to power. I’m glad you’re from my State.

I do hear you’re not the cozy snuggly type (and I say that in the nicest way possible) but I don’t care. Go ahead and bite the neighborhood dogs for all I care. But keep doing this:

8 responses to “Another congressman doing his job

  1. I like the “we won” part. Why were the cons always in control of the language of the issue? Why didn’t the country ask every day “What the hell do you mean by ‘victory’?”
    Well, lets be just as vague and ambiguous. Lets all just start declaring “we won.”
    I’m not sure this makes any sense. I’m really tired.


    • It is wearisome, isn’t it. Again and again and again the right wins the message war. And it’s not even that they’re so good at it. It’s that we suck at it.

      The best recent example is ‘death panels’ from last year. They got huge traction with two words. Dems on the other hand tried to explain what was really in their bills instead of answering with their own two word response – ‘living wills’. They’re just not good at the message wars.


      • …or just shout “BIG GOVERNMENT” back in their faces… kick’em where it hurts..

        another thing… those $1.8 trillion tax cuts of mr. Bush, done with reconciliation – can anyone please explain what good came of that? before they scream for more cuts..?? why don’t the dems just shove it in??

        got emotional here.


  2. Good tip! And a relief to hear some sane comments on this issue in Congress.

    Not to be repetitive – but after the latest satire clips you’ve posted, watching newswipe, and jon stewart last night.. I’m having huge problems with all forms of “news” suddenly.. even political or “serious” news…

    In contrast to c-span, the johnadams-series, the dallekbook, which are quality stuff, real stuff, coherent sentences, things you can learn from and expand your horizons.. this “news” stuff is really no good for your brain.


  3. I wanna trade you for Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts.
    2 for 1


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