So tired and good evening

Sorry for the downtime. Another round of deadlines – this time FINAL deadlines, as opposed to the preliminary ones early last week. The project is now concluded – at least it has been taken as far as me and my fellow trustees can take it. We have managed to file a grant application with the EPA for a test drainage project. It’s wonky and I don’t understand a good deal of it, but it’s valid and strong and we have the standing to file the request. And we’ve worked like the devil to get it researched and written. Now it’s just cross fingers and wait for stage II which can come in 30-90 days at which point we may – or may not – be invited to move forward with our application. And then final grant awards October of this year. If we even make it to Stage II we’ll be stunned.

But it’s not surprising to find that today was the 151st day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

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