President McCain says good morning too

There he is, the Senator from Arizona, much beloved of the pundit class because someone in 1998 called him a maverick and this is such a sexy word that not a one of them could stop from saying it whenever they cast their adoring eyes to the man himself.

I've got mine. Now get off my lawn.

I've got mine. Now get off my lawn!

The man who spends most of his Sunday mornings on television. Because they just cannot.get.enough.of.him.

The man who is on the floor of the US Senate right now, railing against expanding access to health care to all Americans.

The man who has been on the guvmint’s health care tit his entire life. His entire life. From his childhood in a military family to his own military career to his career in politics. The man has been on government health insurnce and/or care his entire friggin’ life! (I know, I know, he spent five years as a prisoner of war. He is one of thousands who have done so. My uncle spent about three years.)

And now comes to the floor a Republican of Wyoming – he is outraged that the Dems’ damn guvmint run health care wouldn’t have given his wife a mammogram and she would have died!  Why doesn’t their program include mammograms dammit? But even more important, there shouldn’t be any damn guvmint program!

Deep stuff. Deep stuff.  I think we should all listen to John McCain all of the time, because he was a prisoner of war and he is a maverick.

Not hearing much talk about ‘prisoners of war’ on either side in Afghanistan, where it is the 146th day of the ninth year of the war.

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